How to know if my Viber account has been hacked?

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Viber is the most popularly used video calling application which is used by the millions of people to have the face to face conversation with their loved ones. As it is the famous video calling app, there is also the increased risk factors of hacking your personal information or any other malware by the hackers.

When your Viber account has been hacked and your phone is infected, it can be easily found with the help of the following symptoms.

Symptoms of the hacked device:

Most of the Viber users are maintaining their account on their Android or Apple iOS mobile phones and the remote access Trojan (RAT) provides a direct access to the malicious hacker in order to use your desktop or mobile device. This post can help you how to hack viber account from pc via NEXSPY. If your device has the following symptoms, then it will be confirmed that it is hacked and it should be solved with the best solution.

The Viber users have the check out the entire list of application in your device and you should find the apps that get installed without your knowledge.

You should often check the usage of battery and see if there is any unusual or unwanted activity. If the battery is unnecessarily drained out quickly then there is any malicious activity doing by the hackers.

You have to also check out the data usage if your Viber account on the phone is hacked. If there is any additional data consumption in the data usage history, then it is sure that your Viber account has been hacked.

Every Viber user on the mobile phone should have to install the best packet sniffer in their wifi network. It can help you to stop internet data access and also do the whole examination of the packets.

If your device is not asking to give the permission while installing any application, then it is a main symptom of the hacked phone.

Recover back your Viber account:

When your mobile device which is using your Viber account can carry out the various attacks and get the instructions from the server of the hacker, then your entire account and the phone will be damaged. In order to get rid of this issue, first of all, you should need to change your password.

Along with the password alteration, you have to also delete all the notes, contacts and messages which you have stored in your account for the safety purposes. If you need them, you can store them in another safe place.

At the same time, you should also have to change your email password which is connected to the Viber account. The change of password should be strong and a blend of upper keys, lower keys, at least one special character and one number.

The password with all these factors will be stronger enough to protect your Viber account and avoid malicious accessing from the unwanted hackers. Don’t share your login details online or with others for the additional safety purposes.