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AngelSense – A GPS Tracker for Kids

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Kids with special needs are often vanishing anywhere in the house. This is so alarming knowing their situation. Thanks to AngelSense, a GPS tracker for kids, that serves as a sort of device to help parents in finding a child.

Lots of tracking devices for children are reviewed and recommended, but AngelSense is one of a kind and brings hope to parents who are raising a kid with special needs. Benefits such as greater security and peace of mind are to look for.

About AngelSense

AngelSense is a tracking device intended to easily locate and even to hang on everything a child is doing. Personal experiences motivate the owner of AngelSense, Doron Somer, to come through this idea. In fact, the hired staffs are all special needs parents. They’ll surely understand every customer’s situation and can give advice to the consumers.

It is packed in a durable pouch wherein storing even the other accessories together with the tracker inside the pouch is possible. The tracker is fully protected inside the pouch through tamper-proof fasteners. It safeguards the tracker from getting scratch. Everything you need is found in the kit. Moreover, it takes only a few minutes to set up the device right after charging it.

It comes with:

  • One extra fastener
  • Magnetic key
  • Wall charger and USB charging cable
  • Instruction manual
  • Car decal
  • Rubber bracelet
  • When a child is not comfortable to feel the device in its pocket, a soft belt or undershirt device’s holder is sold separately. This eliminates the feeling of irritation on the kid.

The Mechanisms of AngelSense

AngelSense works through connections. To start transmitting GPS coordinates, the device must be connected to a cellular network.

Connecting your cellular network to the device has no difficulty that makes it different from the other tracking devices. In the US, AT&T and Verizon can connect to the tracker. While in Canada, the Rogers network is used. Therefore, the appropriate cellular service depends on your area. Speaking of updates, it only demands an independent cellular network and so whatever your network is, your device is ready for updates. App gps trackers for kids: the best devices that track your kids

Here are AngelSense’s unique features:

  • Timeline views such as transit route and even its speed
  • Sends alerts of arrival and departure on wherever the child goes
  • A runner mode which shows the real-time distance of a child away from the parent or guardian
  • A listen in mode wherein all the sounds a child makes will be heard
  • SMS alerts that send help to instantly find the child
  • Late departure alert that works when a child is becoming late to its scheduled task
  • Listen-in and two-way voice

To wholly experience the goodness of AngelSense tracking device, you need to pay a little cost. Service charge, covering the cellular data connection, is paid monthly. In addition to that is 60-minute of listen-in calling. The more cost you want to give up, the more amount of time you’ll get.

How to set up Guardians and Responders?

IT expert has nothing to do with AngelSense. It needs to learn how to stand alone.

As written on the instruction pamphlet, the device will be plugged in by pressing the power button and wait for a female voice confirming the device is charging. The whole process lasts about ten seconds.

Now, you’re ready to get everything started.

First is to set up the guardian’s name and contact information on the app settings. Up next is choosing a first responder group. They’re the ones who’ll send the guardian immediate alerts. Details needed are email addresses and phone numbers.

Test the device’s effectiveness in your school especially the listen-in feature. There are cases when the school prohibits the use of this device. You’ll have no other choice than disabling the feature during school hours. The school itself can work for being the guardian, utilizing the students will be stricter and no child will ever wander again.

You’ll have no other choice than disabling the feature during school hours. The school itself can work for being the guardian, utilizing the students will be stricter and no child will ever wander again.

After setting up your guardian and responder, next is the listen-in mode in terms of schedule and notifications.

How to set up Listen-In Mode?

The listen-in feature has two areas, the listen-in schedule, and notifications area.

First is the schedule area. This is responsible for daily time periods in locating a child. There are places where a tracking device isn’t allowed, then, by this feature, you can properly schedule when it can be enabled or disabled.

Under the notification area are the following:

  • Arrival and departure
  • The child is still in a specific location
  • Battery life
  • Charging the device reminders
  • Reminder to attach the device

Listen-in mode is well-tested in an area far from the kid. Hearing the sound and the real happenings upon a child is the goal of this feature. Even abusive scenarios can be easily traced through it’s critical.

Tracking Your Kid

AngelSense App shows everything that must be known to locate a child. These include:

  • Present location
  • The measured distance between the guardian and the child
  • Direction and speed
  • To set up a safe boundary

Runner mode is one unique feature of this tracker. This lessens all-day monitoring about the child’s location as the map has the record of all actions made by your kid.

Other features

Those mentioned features are just a few from these extra features:
AngelCall: initiates two-way communication of parents and the child.
Automatic Updates: Once it is connected to WIFI, all will be automatically fixed.

School dashboard: This is useful for school workers such as teachers and administrators.

Indoor search: Capable of finding a missing child inside malls.
Alarm: It’ll make a louder sound to easily locate a child.
A tool belt is counted in to aid those kids with special needs in having this tracking device. The guardian will be more focused on their children.


One kit is priced $99, which can be paid with different plans. It includes a yearly payment of $33.33/month, monthly payment of $39.99/month, and month-to-month plan of $52.99/month.


AngelSense benefits both parents and children with special needs. Peace of mind is the real deal in having this tracking device. This is a must-buy device that performs its purpose. Amazingly, parenting is also covered by the advancement of technology. Special needs’ parenting is so hard, but, with this tracking device, everything will be well.